Mobile Mattresses

We've come up with the easiest way for you to get a new mattress home, the Mobile Mattress! Using specially designed equipment we've packaged several of our best-selling mattresses in 19” diameter sleeves that can be transported in almost any vehicle. Traditional bonnell coil, individually encased coil, latex and memory foam mattresses are all available as Mobile Mattresses. Imagine a real mattress less than 20" around! Add our new bed base that takes the place of both a foundation and a bed frame and comes in a box for easy transport as well! Now, a completely portable sleep set you can put in your car and take home. Mobile Mattresses will fit in most cars, SUV’s, boats, planes, around spiral staircases, down to tight basements and up in small attics. The compact size makes shipping mattresses to remote locations easier and less expensive as well.*

After unrolling most can be slept on in as little as six hours and they will return to their full shape and height in just 24 hours. Come see Mattress Ranch's Mobile Mattress today!

Twin on a motorcycle

Queen in a Jeep

Twin in an Infiniti


3 Rolled Kings in a van

Full in a VW

King in a Subaru


*Remember that we use special equipment to compress our Mobile Mattress and once you unroll them they cannot be returned to their shipping size.




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