Chances are you know what a mattress looks like. We could put a bunch of pictures of each mattress up here and try to tell you how wonderful it is but that really won't help you make a decision, comfort can't be chosen by a thumbnail picture. One mattress may feel great for stomach sleepers and not as good for a back sleeper for an example. You really need to lay on them for a bit to tell if it will be a good fit for the way you sleep or call the store nearest you and one of our staff can help narrow your search. We have many diffrent comfort levels over a wide range of prices and all Mattress Ranch mattresses and foundations are all hand made in the USA.


Lady Americana - Made in the USA for over 35 years with 7 factories worldwide.

Lady Americana offers our most affordable collection, providing great support with many different sleep surfaces at a very reasonable price. They features a tempered, USA made, wire-tied bonnell innerspring with eco-friendly foam and fiber comfort layers. All foam used in Mattress Ranch mattresses is Certi-Pur US tested to assure no harmful chemicals are present. Many Lady Americana mattresses come rolled for easy transport.

  • Support - 390 or 416 13ga, 5 turn Bonnell coil
  • Edge support -  8ga border rod, Dura Guard foam encasement
  • Comfort layers -  Eco Flex, Eco Pad
  • 5 year NPR warranty
  • Mattresses by Lady Americana: Jubilee,Davenport, Hudson, Bella, Oak, Elm, Tempe, Envoy


Eclipse International - Made in the US since 1905 with factories on 5 contenents.

Our Eclipse International collection features individually wrapped coils that are foam encased to form motion free, pressure relieving support. Spinal Zones and Zoned Quilting create a comfortable and durable sleep surface. This is our most popular collection rolled or flat. Every coil is tempered for durability, and made in Sumner Washington in a state of the art facility. We only use Certi-Pur US certified foam and Eco Loft chemical free fire barriers.

  • Support – 752 14.5ga pocketed coil
  • Edge support – Dura Guard foam encasement 
  • Comfort layers – Latex, Memory and Gel Memory foam, Eco Flex foam
  • 10 year NPR warranty
  • Mattresses by Eclipse International: Liberty, Liberty Firm, Leona, Concord, Concord Firm, Niles

Eastman House - Hand made in the United States since 1866. Now in thirty eight countrys.

The Eastman House collection is hand built for Mattress Ranch using USA made individually wrapped coils that are steel spring encased to form a motion free, pressure relieving sleep surface. There are over 2000 coils in some of these mattresses using a two stage system. The first stage is composed of a heavy, tall pocketed coil to support the spine in anatomically correct comfort, the second stage is made of smaller, lighter pocketed coils that cushion the sleeper. Eastman House uses Latex and Gel Memory foams that are Certi-Pur US tested and chemical free inherent fire barriers.

  • Support – 1046 14.5ga individually wrapped coils, two stage mattresses have an additional 1320 17ga coils
  • Edge support – n-Compass steel encasement
  • Comfort layers – Gel Memory foam, Tallaly Latex and Eco Flex foam
  • Button tufting on some models
  • 15 year NPR warranty
  • Mattresses by Eastman House: Bond, Bond Firm, Affinity, Contininuum, Union, Presence, Dreamer, Haven, Halcyon

Mattress Ranch Gel Tech - Serving Washington & Alaska since 1989


Pressure relieving polyurethane foam blended with cooling gel on Eco Flex foam or 752 pocketed coils for fantastic support. These dissipate body heat for a cool nights sleep. As with all Mattress Ranch mattresses, only inherent fire barriers and Certi-Pur US foam is used. Gel Tech collection is perfect for adjustable bed bases and come rolled from Sumner Washington for easy transport.

  • Support – Eco Flex Foam or 752 14.5ga individually pocketed coils with Uni-Lock 360 

  • Comfort layers – MicroPur memory foam, gelled memory foam, visco memory foam
  • 10 year NPR warranty
  • Mattress Ranch Mattresses: Chesnut, Tulip, Princeton, Preston, Picaboo, Conifer, Spruce, Willow, Ted's Bed

Sound Sleep Products

- Tallalay Latex by Sound Sleep

Buoyant, hypoallergenic natural Latex foam, no springs are used in this collection. Patented STA-Fresh air chambers dissipate heat and moisture. Talalay Latex provides the same benefits as Memory foam with a surface you sleep “on” more so than “in”. It has been used for at least fifty years in the mattress industry with great comfort and durability.  Our Latex is from natural rubber and is Certi-Pur Us certified.

  • Support – Support-Rite with lumbar support cylinders
  • Comfort layers – 100% natural Tallalay Latex, Eco Flex foam
  • 10 year NPR warranty
  •  Tallalay Latex mattresses by Sound Sleep Products: Serenity, Harmony, Tranquility


- AGT by Sound Sleep

The newest and most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques are used to craft the AGT collection. The first layer is 60% soy based STA-Cool Gel, poured between lyers of memory foam to cool the entire body. Next are two interlocking layers of Gel-Memory or Eco Flex foam that form patented STA-Fresh air channels that move heat and moisture out of the mattress. The third layer is the mattress core with dense Support-Rite zones to create anatomically correct support. Collectively these layers address the most common issues sleepers encounter, temperature, pressure and support. No springs are used in the AGT collection.

  • Support – Support-Rite with lumbar support cylinders
  • Gel – STA-Cool pure poured Gel
  • Comfort layers – STA-fresh chambers made of Eco Flex and Gelled Memory foam or Latex
  • 20 year NPR warranty
  • Sound Sleep Products AGT mattresses: Blackwell, Parks, Curie

Box Foundations

Mattress Ranch uses just one type of foundation in two styles, the wood foundation. Wood mostly sourced from the Northwest is the most economical and least problematic way to elevate a mattress. Box springs are not necessary on a modern mattress, there will be no change in the feel between a wood foundation, an expensive box spring or even the floor. All our mattresses will work with platform beds.

See also Mobile Mattresses.

Not all our mattresses are available in all stores. We strive to keep items in stock but cannot guaranty immediate availability. Due to unstable steel and foam markets these specifications may change at any time. Comfort is subjective, please stop by and test rest a mattress today!




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