Charities & Community Events

Charities We Like

Mattress Ranch is proud to support these charities, please help by giving your time or donations to support our communities.

Kitsap Humane Society

Ted's Tour: 

  • June 16th 12-2pm -Tok- 3 Bears
  • June 17th 10am-noon -Delta Junction- IGA Foods & 6-8pm -North Pole- Little Richards
  • June18th 10am-noon -Fairbanks_ Mattress Ranch
  • June 19th 10am-noon -Nenana- Coghill's Store & 6-8pm -Telkeetna- Nagley"s Store
  • June 20th 12-2pm -Willow- Town Site Market & 4-6 -Houston- Millers Market
  • June 21st 10am-noon -Big Lake- 3 Bears
  • June 21st 4-6pm -Eagle River- Walmart
  • June 22nd -Homer_ 2 Sisters Bakery
  • June 23rd noon-2pm -Kenai- Country Foods IGA & 6-8pm -Soldotna- Mattress Ranch
  • June 24th noon-2pm -Whitter- Anchor Inn Grocery
  • June 25th noon-2pm -Anchorage- Mattress Ranch
  • July 8th & 9th10am-2pm -Aberdeen- Mattress Ranch
  • July 12th 10am-2pm -Port Orchard- Mattress Ranch
  • July 15th &16th 10am-2pm  -Yelm- Mattress Ranch
  • July 19th 10am-2pm -Silverdale- Mattress Ranch
  • July 15th & 16th 10am-2pm -Yelm- Mattress Ranch
  • July22nd & 23rd & 10am-2pm -Lacey- Mattress Ranch
  • July 26th 10am-2pm -Chehalis- Mattress Ranch
  • July 29th & 30th -Lakewood- Mattress Ranch
  • July 31st 10am-2pm -Tacoma- Mattress Ranch
  • August 5th & 6th 10am -2pm -Puypllup- Mattress Ranch
  • August 19th &20th - Parkland- Mattress Ranch
  • August 24th-September 4th -Palmer- Alaska State Fair
Email us if you'd like to have us post an event.




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